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Akiko, anti-war opera after rearrangement of December 72, nanjing

Date: 2014-12-05

A Japanese couple, because crops and unbearable insult, double suicide in yangzhou green Yang hotel.On January 31, 1942 to February 6, according to a news writing opera "akiko" cathay Pacific the grand theater debut in chongqing, at the time caused great sensation, 72 years later, the opera will be revived.Akiko, yesterday afternoon, opera FuPai ceremony was held in nanjing college of art.Modern express reporter learned that, on December 12, the nanjing massacre victims national symbol has staged a day.
72 years ago Zhou enlai, guo moruo had to attend
The war against Japanese aggression in the Japanese view of opera, known as the Chinese history's first opera.
Akiko, new row opera art director, said professor qi-hong ju, nanjing college of art of akiko drama based on a true story.
Published in April 1938,'s da gong bao an titled "GongYi and akiko" story, is newly married just three months of Japanese youth palace, draft sent to China by the Japanese government, shortly after his wife akiko was the Japanese government to fool to yangzhou when embedded "comfort women".
One day, the Japanese young soldiers GongYi to comfort stations provide a military brothels.In the evening, when the soldiers and comfort stations provide military brothels meet, each other was stunned, originally a military brothels akiko is GongYi wife akiko.Two people expect to meet in yangzhou green Yang hotel (comfort stations), feeling each other, part, sorrow, to tell their own misfortune.As opposed to the brutal wars of aggression, in the end, they are double suicide in green Yang hotel.The Japanese soldiers command, be afraid influence mood, then quietly dealt with the incident, but the message was, the first da gong bao reported the news.
In 1939, the dramatist Chen saw the same on the weekly articles, then as a material, written the same name "GongYi and akiko" script.After the lyrics ZangYunYuan, li, huang yuan composition, finally complete the creation of the opera in 1941, and was renamed "akiko".
On January 31, 1942 to February 6, "akiko" cathay Pacific theater in chongqing (now) peace cinema debut, caused great sensation in cultural circles at that time, zhou enlai, guo moruo had to watch.
During the next four years, "akiko" successively in chongqing, chengdu, kunming, zunyi, nanchong, premiered in the 52 games.
Reorganized after 72, will premiere on December 12 this year
Director of akiko, nanjing art college, a professor at the state money, said more than 70 years after, FuPai the opera, is a rich emotional beautiful, solemn and stirring story.Money professor said, unlike most of the anti-war novels, "akiko" no profiling and all Japanese, but for a Japanese couple from deeply Angle, the tragedy of war suffering with their tales of woe accused the cruelty of war and the atrocities of the Japanese militarists, the opera is the aggressor in land invasions, the invaders to do your own thing, want to tell people is "against war, calling for peace, respect for human nature and defending human dignity".
Akiko arranger, cui, vice President of jiangsu YinXie shin, has now completed opera music clips of 32 in creative, there are 6 paragraph from the original script.
South art youth singer Cao Lin played akiko.Akiko, she says, is a virtuous women, she will focus on performance of akiko and GongYi love, missed GongYi belief, loyal to family and marriage and to bring charges against the war.
South art pop music director of the institute, producer jian-ming zhou said akiko, December 12, the nanjing massacre victims of the national symbol of day, the day before the opera will be purple and the grand theater premiered in nanjing.