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Upscale hotels competing to develop "civilian food"

Date: 2013-06-17

This year, the country's austerity policy guidance, the city turned away a number of high-end dining "People First" line, stepping up research and development of cheap, suitable for public consumption, dishes, and achieved good results.

"We advocate that 'people's consumption'." Eastern Pearl Hotel Chef Fu Jingbo price of 1,000 yuan to succeed, pointing table dish said, here are six hot dishes, six cold dishes, two desserts and a soup. Food is very homely, and the Nanjing characteristics, such as cattail beef balls, mirror box tofu, fermented papaya, etc., are very popular with the public.

Crowne Plaza Nanjing Hotel "child birthday party" is also selling well, there are dolls made of chocolate, cut into small pieces of steak, fried meat roll as thin as paper and carrots. "Now the official reception consume less, we almost do not have any high-grade ingredients, but do something for personal, household consumption of food, the price down." Quan Cheng, general manager, told reporters a few years ago in their food and beverage revenue , high-end and mid-range cuisine dish ratio of 6:4, is now "out of the height." After adjustment of the operating structure, the store's individual consumption increased, cafeteria over ninety percent of the people are paying out of their pocket, in this support, store credit basically had no lunch landslide.

Zhongshan Hotel's Republic of private kitchens known. Executive Chef Zhu Junfeng said, because they do is fine cooking fine system of private kitchens, high cost, mostly in the past, per capita consumption of 200 yuan -300 yuan, now has developed to meet the market demand some "people" of the Republic of vegetables , "people into the store to spend less than a hundred dollars, but also tasted the Republic of dishes."

"Now our food and beverage revenue, the official reception only about 30%, mostly business FIT and the public consumption, so healthy, environmentally friendly, and close to the people of dishes, it becomes our immediate focus of the development." Purple Zhuanghang Zheng total Kitchen tour Hai said, such a seemingly insignificant full literacy students "pretenders", there are lotus, Hericium, mushrooms, broccoli, etc. 8 ingredients together stew, with no Hunxing and excessive packaging.

Tourist Hotels Association President Chen Xueming Nanjing said they held yesterday in Nanjing tourist hotel "Towards Asian green" cooking contest, shark fin, wild ginseng, abalone relative luxury materials like Yigai not, use common poultry meat, do the public visitors loved dishes, designed to accelerate the Nanjing hotel industry restructuring and upgrading.