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Bread version of "Olympic" who eat?

Date: 2013-07-30

Bread made delicious "Olympic", "smell" Durian after cooking and became a favorite food ...... Yesterday morning, the 2013 Nanjing tourist hotel "Towards Asian green" cooking contest in Jinling meeting.This competition by the Nanjing Tourism Committee, the second boundary Asian Youth Organizing Committee Comprehensive Security jointly organized by 32 senior hotel's chef, culinary and creative than just competition.Finally, the Purple Palace Chef swim the sea with a vegan "pretenders" walk "People First" line, conquered the judges "tricky" taste, obtained the highest individual award in this competition, "Extreme Kitchen King" award.

Oblique arch, edible surface plastic "stick" from the main stadium ...... Showcase hotels in Phoenix before the Yangzi Evening News reporter saw the edible "Olympic.""The cook not only to cook, but also to understand the design, oh!" Chef of the hotel points Li said, according to the picture to make Olympic model, "'Jinling red' sugar is imported from Germany, the heating up180 ° happens to be red, the temperature is a little higher will not work, will coke. "he said, signs, furnishings are the bread, the main stadium of the" facade "is a root Pasta with edible adhesive side upThe.

Parsley, radish, lotus root, cabbage ...... these common vegetables in the New Century Hotel Chef's hands into the "Hundred Flowers", used to "welcome the Youth Olympic Games."Yangzi Evening News reporter saw, okra made "stalk" the top, is a blooming lotus flower, the petals of raw materials are realistic parsley; a piece of round petals "squeeze" together, it is made of honey carrotsPlum; few petals surrounded by a "ball", it is made of lotus root "hydrangea.""Are common, but the ingredients, the test of the chef's knife and ideas."

"Royal pretenders health juice" is the Purple Palace chef works swim the sea, "the eight children of the pretenders are dozens of ingredients simmer in a jar, there is a seafood poultry meat, as well as shark's fin, abalone, these high-end ingredients. Bothhave a common meat flavor, while maintaining their own characteristics. "He said, this dish tastes Ruannen soft, rich meat and incense, but not greasy meat.But now people high blood pressure, high cholesterol more and more, he will switch to seasonal seafood Ling meat, lotus root these "fresh water", with morels, truffles, mushroom Hericium these common, to maintainsoup is delicious.Sprouts Tonga pumpkin puree as "seasoning", eating up a sticky feeling, feeling more like pretenders.Intern Tian Universe

Yangzi Evening News reporter Yang Juan